Ready To Lose Weight While Preventing Dangerous Chemicals And Pesticides From Ruining Your Health?


Secret Internal FDA Emails Show The American Food Supply Is TAINTED!

“You can’t be serious?  This isn’t really a thing is it?”

This is what my wife asked me when I was telling her about this issue that I have with glyphosate—the popular pesticide found in products like Roundup, Rodeo Aquatic Herbicide, and Eraser.

Besides glyphosate being linked to cancer and hundreds, if not, thousands of deaths…

It is now found in many of the foods that we commonly eat in our house—and probably in yours.

You see, I briefly came across this headline the other day and it stuck with me:

“Weed Killer Found In Granola And Crackers, Internal FDA Emails Show.”

First of all, this is some high-level, top secret stuff that we’re probably not supposed to know about.

But now we do…

The FDA is responsible for testing foods to determine the level of chemicals and pesticides that are found in your favorite foods and determine if you’re at risk.

Even though glyphosate has been used since the 1940s, this is the first time that foods have been tested for this DEADLY pesticide.

That, in and of itself, should cause you a lot of concern…

That a known pesticide, linked to cancer in numerous studies, is still the most commonly used pesticide worldwide.

But it’s not just cancer that glyphosate is linked to.  You may also see:

After a few hours of clients and everyday business, I finally got back to the article and started digging into exactly what they were saying.

And it was a bombshell…

It turns out the FDA has just started investigating how many foods are impacted by this harmful, well DEADLY, pesticide.

And it was astonishing!  These secret internal emails (that were never meant to see the light of day, I might add), show some of the top scientists for the FDA confirming that traces of glyphosate are found in a number of very common foods.

It’s so bad that one scientist, named Richard Thompson, stated: “I have brought wheat crackers, granola cereal, and corn meal from home and there’s a fair amount in them.”

In fact, he later stated that the only food he “had on hand” that didn’t contain glyphosate was broccoli.

The bombshell the FDA doesn’t want you to know is:

They Have Had A Hard Time Finding Any Foods That Don’t Contain Trace Amounts Of The Pesticide.

I sat back in my chair, with my head spinning, trying to grasp everything that I just read and dug up.

So what did I do?

I immediately grabbed my computer, and tried to come up with something—anything —that could:

Cleanse Your Body From The Inside Out…Improve Your Health…And Dump Chemicals And Pesticides That Could Be Stored In Your Body!

And that’s why I hope that I caught you in time…

As you can see, the everyday food products you typically consume could be filled with pesticide residues…chemicals…and other pollutants that impact almost every single cell and organ in your body.

From your feet to your hair, every single cell in your body could be flooded with chemicals that make you sick…pesticides that make it harder to lose weight…and toxins which are poisoning your health.

But these toxins aren’t just getting into your body via the foods you eat….

They are also getting into your body through your skin with shampoos, lotions, beauty creams…even the toilet paper you use to wipe with, may contain nasty chemicals.

And the air you breathe is full of chemicals and pollutants that slowly get trapped inside your body—preventing you from living a long, healthy life.

But before I get into all that, I want to ask you a few questions…

Are you feeling sluggish and tired?

Do you suffer from migraines or joint pain?

Have trouble with your digestion (gas, bloating, or stomach cramps)?

Is it easy to catch a cold, or come down with the flu?

Have you noticed your skin is dull looking and you have puffy eyes?

How about skin problems (eczema, acne, age spots)?

Perhaps maybe you also have bad breath, mood swings, depression, and irritability?

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, then you may be suffering from what we call Toxic Overload.

Yes, these symptoms may appear to be normal…and you’ve lived with them so long that they have become “normal”…

But they are anything BUT normal.

And if you can see some, if not ALL, of these symptoms impacting your life, then there is good and bad news:

The bad news is: your body is probably already overloaded with toxins.  And you need to do everything in your power to flush them out.

If you don’t believe that toxins are overloading your life, think about this for a moment:

The FDA recently tested a group of people, looking for 212 different chemicals and 44 pesticides.

Instead of finding it hard to find a single person with any trace of these toxins…

…they found that every single person had traces of every chemical and pesticide they were testing for.

So there’s a good chance that you’re currently holding onto a lot of different chemicals and pesticides that’s making it harder to stay healthy and lose weight…

Or that practically every single issue you’re currently having could be linked this Toxic Overload problem.

But the good news is: I am going to show you exactly how you can flush these toxins out of your body…

…in the quickest, safest, and gentlest way possible.

But I want to be very clear on this…

There Is A Reason Why More People Are Overweight And Unhealthy And Diseases Are Running Rampant.

Take a moment and really think this through…

You run a multi-billion dollar corporation and you’re in the red and your investors are looking to you to turn things around and bank a higher profit.

They don’t care about consumers or your health—or the health of future generations.

They are only looking to increase their profits at any cost possible—including your health.

If a chemical, pesticide, or additive is going to make a product easier to make…

Make it cheaper to produce…

Or improve on things like texture, color, flavor, scent, durability and so on…

It’s going to be used, right?

Which is why everything from our carpets and mattresses…

To hair dryers, appliances, and computers…

Even the crackers you may be indulging in right now--are laced with harmful toxins, chemicals, and pesticides…

It’s No Wonder Why Your Body May Contain Traces Of Up To 212 Different Chemicals.

And to make matters worse, researchers from Mount Sinai came to some startling conclusions after testing blood and urine samples.

What they found was downright scary and incredible at the same time…

Out of every sample they tested…

Every Single Sample Had An Average Of 91 Different Chemicals!

I’m not going to bore you with the all the scientific jargon, but here’s what you need to know.

Some of the more popular chemicals found in the samples are some you may recognize…

Things like insecticides, PCBs, and dioxins…

Plus the more deadly glyphosate was also found.  But Mount Sinai researchers weren’t the only ones to come to this startling conclusion.

In fact, there are many more studies, including this one from the American Red Cross, that found an even darker side to the chemical exposure.

Samples of fetal cord blood, collected from 10 newborn babies, were all tested.  

In this small sample, they discovered:

287 Chemicals In The Blood Of These Newborns Who Hadn’t Even Stepped Outside Yet!

Makes you want to run out and buy yourself a bubble and live in there forever doesn’t it?

Now, before you make that dramatic leap…

Or live in a Hazmat suit for the remainder of your days…

Or you’re fearful of eating almost any type of food that happens to be in your house (except for broccoli)…

You don’t have to live in fear for the rest of your life.  Because:


If You Want To Melt Away Fat, Keep It Off, And Improve Your Health...You Must Get Rid Of These Toxins

Here’s why:

One big way toxins cause weight gain?

They trigger the release of chemicals called “cytokines”:

Cytokines damage Leptin receptors in the brain, and once this happens...

Weight Loss Resistance starts, and:

 It’s only the first of your problems...

If your brain cannot “hear” Leptin, every immune and hormone response in your body is altered...

In turn, you start to feel horrible...

You begin chasing symptoms on a never-ending, downward spiral...

Relying on medications that solve one problem but create 10 more...

Dealing with inflammation...

Watching pounds of fat pile back onto your body...

Increasing your risk of cancer, diabetes, depression, fatigue, among many other health concerns...

And ultimately wondering why you can never seem to feel 100% better, like you did when you were younger.

The Good News: You Can Rapidly Flush Toxins And Lose Weight—Naturally And Safely—Starting TODAY!

For over 7 years, our hundreds of thousands of customers have asked for it... 

A powerful, natural “cleansing and detox” product that will help you feel better...

Look better...

And give you the jump-start you need to burn off your unwanted body fat — for good!

So we pulled together a list of the most powerful—yet gentle—natural cleansers...

Information gained through years worth of testing and research among medical and science professionals...

And we challenged our team of formulators to find a way to bring them all together into one product, but in a way that’s gentle on your body — and they delivered!

What they came up with was:

A Unique Blend Of 10 Supercharged Natural Ingredients, Guaranteed To Gently Cleanse And Detox Your Body!

Introducing: JayLab Pro UltraCleanse

It does more to rid your body of toxins and accelerate fat loss than any other supplement we’ve seen.

And, believe me:

We’ve studied every cleanse product on the market while creating UltraCleanse...

All of them have one or two TRUE cleansing ingredients, BUT:

Pad those ingredients with unnecessary fillers and vitamins that do absolutely nothing to improve your results...

Sure, the label looks impressive...

But gimmicks and labels don’t help you melt fat off your body, do they?

With JayLab Pro UltraCleanse, You Can Finally:

Destroy Weight Loss Resistance. Accelerate your fat loss efforts by ridding your body of unwanted toxins that damage your health and smother your ability to burn fat.

Catapult Your Health And Energy To New Levels. Flushing harmful toxins and waste from your body will help you feel years younger and help you regain the energy and stamina you forgot you were capable of.

Reduce Risks Of Deadly Diseases. As we’ve already covered, letting toxins build in your body is a surefire way to paint a bulls-eye on your back for obesity, cancer, diabetes, liver damage, and more. Now, you can fight back.

You Get 10 Proven Nutrients Formulated Into One Powerful Detox Solution:

Power Cleanser #1: Psyllium Husks

This nutrient has been used to alleviate constipation and maintain regularity by acting like a laxative.  This powerful husk increases the water and bulk of your stool making it easier to pass through – and out – of your body

Power Cleanser #2: Bentonite Clay

This clay is extremely unique in its ability to maintain gut health.  Not only does it swell when exposed to water, it absorbs toxins, heavy metals, and other chemicals that could lead to sickness and poor health

Power Cleanser #3: Black Walnut Hull Powder

The outer coating of the black walnut is used to treat a number of different health ailments.   Studies suggest that black walnut contains powerful molecules – called tannins – that may ease inflammation, reduce pain, and even eliminate excess mucus found inside your body

Power Cleanser #4: Oat Bran Powder

This plant based food is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber.  Studies show this potent plant may alleviate symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and constipation

Power Cleanser #5: Flaxseed Powder

This popular seed has been around for centuries as a way to improve overall health.  But, when it comes to gut health, it may hold some pretty impressive power.   Studies suggest flaxseeds may alleviate constipation, damage from overuse of laxatives, inflammation of the intestinal lining, and inflammation of the small intestine

Power Cleanser #6: Prune Powder

As you know, prunes have been used for years to improve constipation and maintain regularity.   Prune powder is no different.  This powder contains high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps keep you regular and eliminates constipation

Power Cleanser #7: Aloe Vera 

Aloe is not just for treating chapped, cracked lips.   Aloe latex – a part of the aloe vera plant – may contain chemicals that have laxative effects in your body

Power Cleanser #8: L. Acidophilus

Although naturally occurring in your intestines, these bacteria can become depleted due to toxins, other harmful bacteria, or antibiotic use.   Studies show these bacteria may keep your intestinal bacterial colony balanced and intact

Power Cleanser #9: Apple Pectin Powder

Pectin is a type of fiber that is commonly found in apples.   Studies show apple pectin may bind to substances in your intestines, therefore adding bulk to your stool.   This fiber could soften stools and help you maintain regular bowel movements

Power Cleanser #10: Gluccomannan Powder

This powerful sugar from the root of the konjac plant binds to water in your stomach and intestines, making a bulky fiber that travels gently through your intestines.    It has been used for centuries to treat a number of health ailments, including constipation and issues with regularity

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